Help Desk

We want to make the world of O'pen Skiff sailing and racing as easy as possible and with a focus on maximising the fun for all of those involved. We will always look to share as much information as possible, so here is a series of videos which should give you a start into your O'pen Skiff journey.

How to rig a new O’pen Skiff

Step-by-step method to rig your O'pen Skiff for the first time and thereafter.

High Wind Sailing

We all enjoy sailing when the wind and surf is up. Watch these O'pen Skiff sailors loving the breezy conditions, even if it does mean sitting as far back as you can when sailing downwind!

Some Recent Events

2021 O'pen Skiff World Championships

Like many international events, the 2020 O’pen Skiff World Championships had had to be postponed last year, but happily they were able to be re-scheduled at the initial 2020 destination, ie. the fantastic spot at Calasetta, in southern Sardinia, where 205 eager young skippers from 6 countries signed up to compete for the O’pen Skiff World Champions titles at stake. The only regret ? The absence of major players such as New Zealand, Australia and Japan, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions still in place in those countries. They have all promised to be back next year, better than ever.

2019 Europeans Travemunde

Boats of all shapes and sizes enjoying the more settled wind and waves to show why the Travemünder Woche has become one of the biggest sail boat gatherings of the European sailing calendar. In 2019, the O’pen Skiff joined the action for our European Championship.

2016 Unregatta

The 2016 O'pen Skiff North Americans in Charleston SC was more than just a regatta, it was a family reunion of Open Skiff sailors from across the USA. Check out the variety of event formats that made up this Unregatta.

2014 Bermuda

The 2014 O'pen Bic North American Championships were hosted at The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Paget, Bermuda. 32 sailors from Hawaii, Miami, Bermuda, France, New York and New England sailed 20 races in Hamilton Harbour and had a blast in the process!